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        Digital Marketing Math: What’s a click worth?

        On the internet, everything starts, somewhere, with a click. So theoretically, you should be able to figure out what each click to your site is worth.

        I thought it’d be a fun exercise to create a sort of worksheet that can figure it out for you, so here you go.

        Pick the worksheet you want to use to figure out the value of a click. Then compare it to what you’re spending, and see if it makes sense. It’s good for the soul…

        Use the lead-based business worksheet if you work from leads. That means that folks come to your site and fill out a form or call you (the lead) and then you get them to buy from you (the sale, or conversion).

        Use the retail-based business worksheet if you work from retail sales. That means that folks come to your site, look at products, and buy directly, online.

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