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        CASE STUDY

        Content Hub Strategy Creates Major Growth

        Star Rapid, a custom manufacturer producing rapid prototype and tooling designs, had massive room to grow their organic share of voice and position as an authority in their space. Portent provided an SEO and content approach that highlighted their value and built trust with prospective clients.


        Content Strategy


        Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing

        2017 W3 Gold Award Badge
        32% Increase in Overall Website Traffic
        #1 Ranking for their Most Desired Search Term
        10x Growth in Monthly Blog Traffic

        Star Rapid was up against heavily entrenched businesses in the rapid prototyping space. They came to Portent with anemic SEO traction, and very little traffic to their website. They were leaders in the quality of product produced in their vertical, but they struggled digitally to highlight that fact or generate trust with prospective clients. They needed a strategy that would allow them to both increase visibility in organic search across their industry, and create a depth of content that would attract, engage, and convert prospective customers. Their goals were to:

        • Become the trusted authority in rapid prototyping and plastic injection molding
        • Increase organic traffic to their website
        • Drive awareness of the Star Rapid brand in the United States

        The situation facing Star Rapid was perfectly suited for a Content Hub. Armed with research on search volume, competitor content, and the semantic relationship between keywords, our team worked with Star Rapid to create a structure to drive authority and visibility around core manufacturing technology terms.

        For new content production, Portent created a series of content briefs for Star Rapid’s domain experts and marketers to write against, allowing them to produce more of the right content in less time.

        Beyond strategic content production, we restructured the information architecture of the Star Rapid website, in order to get maximum value from both their new and existing content. This leveraged their internal linking structure to give both users and search engines critical signals that the site was a wealth of information about important industry topics.


        Based on our initial content and SEO efforts, Star Rapid has seen a significant increase in organic growth and met all of their original brand awareness and organic traffic goals. Results included:

        • 32% increase in overall website traffic
        • Movement from #15 to #1 in organic search rank for the term “prototyping services” and another #1 rank for “plastic injection molding”
        • Delivered 10x growth in monthly blog traffic

        Since 2015, Portent has helped Star Rapid generate fantastic results like these, earning industry recognition as a finalist for SEO Campaign of the Year from the US Search Awards.

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